Belgian Malinois Working and Sport Dogs

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Our Story


Experienced Breeders

We have been in the breeding business for many years with sport dogs and working dogs including Labrador Retrievers, GSD, Dobermans, and Akita lines. We are focused entirely on the Belgian Malinois and will contine to work diligently to provide quality dogs to the right owners.  We follow the "Puppy Culture" protocol on all new born puppies. All of our pups leave with microchips and vaccinations and health inspections. Our mission follows our pups and the new owners with help and advice on handling the early training of our pups. 


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

We work hard to find the bloodlines to help improve the breed.

Our mission of improvement will continue as we breed for working traits, level temperament , healthy genetically sound dogs.  Our dogs are health tested for breed specific genetic traits as well as DNA tested for specific identifiers such as SCDA and others. 

One of our boys from Litter A

Long Term

We encourage every prospective buyer to thoroughly study the Belgian Malinois breed. These dogs are not pets they are a life style. They require interaction with their handlers that challenge them both physically as well and mentally.  We are very particular as to where our pups are placed and we have a contract outlining obligations for us as well as our buyers, 

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